Specifications and Use Cases

Specifications (including GUI)

  1. {*} Configuration settings for ECS connection in LMS (David,Heiko)

  2. {*} ECS Participants in LMS

  3. {*} ECS Category Mapping in LMS

  4. {*} Configuration settings for node mapping in LMS (David)

  5. {*} Configuration settings for course allocation in LMS

  6. {*} ECS meta data mapping in LMS

Use Cases

  1. {o} Configuration settings for display of data (optional)

  2. {o} Configuration settings in LSF-Proxy (Heiko)

  3. {*} {2} Use case "System administrator transfers LSF-directory structure data to LMS" where the directory tree is displayed according to the settings (David)

  4. {*} {2} Use case "LSF-directory structure data is changed" (David)

  5. {*} {2} Use case "LSF-directories are deleted" (David)

  6. {o} <!> Use case "System administrator transfers LSF-institution data to LMS" (Axel)

  7. {o} <!> Use case "LSF-directory institution data is changed" (Axel)

  8. {o} <!> Use case "LSF-institution data is deleted" (Axel)

  9. {o} <!> Use case "System administrator transfers LSF- Degree program data to LMS" (Axel)

  10. {o} <!> Use case "LSF-Degree program data is changed" (Axel)

  11. {o} <!> Use case "System administrator transfers LSF semester data to LMS" (Axel)

  12. {o} <!> Use case "LSF semester data is changed" (Axel)

  13. {o} <!> Use case "LSF semester data is deleted" (Axel)

  14. {*} <!> Use case "Creation of a course" (David)

  15. {*} {2} Use case "Change of course data" (David)

  16. {*} {2} Use case "Deletion of a course" (David)

  17. {*} Use case "Student assigns for a course" (Annika, Birgit)

  18. {*} {2} Use case "Student leaves a course" (Annika, Birgit)

  19. {*} Use case "Usage of link to LMS-course in LSF" (Ulrich)

  20. {o} Use case "The LMS-administrator restores the synchronisation of data in LSF and LMS" (???)

  21. {*} Use case "Make course available for other systems" (David)

  22. {o} Use case "Change course data or delete course" that was made available for other systems (David)

  23. {*} Use case "Use of course link in LMS" (David)

  24. {o} (!) Use case "Make resources available for other systems" (Out of scope for CampusConnect 1.0/ECS 2.0?)

  25. {o} (!) Use case "Change and deletion of data of resources that are made available for other systems"

  26. {o} (!) Use case "Use of resource link in LMS"

  27. {o} Use case "Data transmission from LSF to LSF-Proxy" (Ingo, Heiko)

  28. {o} Use case "LSF-Proxy to LMS"

  29. {*} <!> Use case "Create course in LMS"

  30. {*} <!> Use case "Student uses course link within course"


{*} Essentially finished, may only need minor tweaking (wording, spell checking, minor corrections in mockups or minor resulting from agile development paradigm)
{o} Not done yet or ongoing
/!\ Missing and presumed important, pending clarification on status
<!> Pending clarification on status and/or importance
{2} "2nd degree use case", listed in overview as separate use case but is subsumed under and links to another case
(!) Possibly out of scope

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